Resident Billing

Our Resident Billing system in AmeraCare is actually a fully functional Accounts Receivable system with the ability to create CMS 5010 batch files for claim submission. Our system is made up of two modules, a standard Resident Billing, which will handle Private, Patient Liability, Medicaid, Hospice and Veteran type billing. The second module is the Medicare module, which will handle Part A, Part B, HMO's and Medicare Replacement type billing.

AmeraCare's Billing modules are very powerful, yet easy-to-use. Enabling a biller to easily maintain census, charges and posting of payments, resulting in a more efficient method of billing with better accountability. With built in resident ledgers and numerous reports, AmeraCare's Billing programs make it easier to collect your money.

AmeraCare's Billing module is fully integrated with our Clinical and General Ledger modules to reduce double entry of data and prevent potential errors that can cause loss of revenue.

Please refer to our Integrated Partners on other programs and systems that integrate with AmeraCare to enhance your data management.

Today's difficult requirements demand easier to use systems like AmeraCare. Please Contact Us for more information.

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